Sunday, 24 November 2013

How to open DNS blocked websites on android

Hello Readers! Yet another post so quick! So I know there many of us who have internet in the phone but some internet providers block some websites yet we really need to open them. Okay using proxies is one option but some proxies may be blocked and others might be very slow. So here is how to get around it ;)


Let's quickly head over to play store and download free small app SetDNS. This simply changes the DNS helping you to  access any blocked website on your android phone. It is quite simple to use but here is a short tutorial on how to set it up:

Things you need:
- Rooted android phone(Please note your phone needs to be rooted with super user installed for this trick to work ) 
- Internet (quite obvious :P)
- SetDNS (You can get it here)
- Finally, this step by step tutorial ;)

1. Download and intall SetDNS on your phone. When starting the app for the first time, a SuperSu/SuperUser pop-up will come up asking for root access. The app needs root access to change the DNS server used by your Android device when connected to a mobile network. If you don't have a root access to your phone it will only change the DNS when connected to a WiFi Network.

2. After allowing SuperUser/SuperSu access, simply open the app, tap Apply. This will by default set Google DNS. You can choose various DNS' to choose from 

3. Try and open the website and Enjoy ;)

P.S I am not responsible for how you use this trick

1. Download and install SetDNS from the Play Store. When starting the app for the first time, a SuperSu/SuperUser pop-up will come up asking for root access. The app needs root access to change the DNS server used by your Android device when connected to a mobile network.
Read more at http://www.cultofandroid.com/22625/how-to-use-google-dns-or-opendns-on-your-android-device-how-to/#0sq2yuQUf2OvZrGV.99

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Get wave to answer (S4 feature) on almost any android phone

Hello Readers! It's been really long since the last post... almost 10 months! Well here is a way to make it up to you all for keeping you waiting ;)

So I landed my hands on the S4 and saw this awesome feature (Wave to answer calls) and I really needed to get it on my phone so I did some bit of "Googleing" and VOILA! Finally found something that could help me do that. So here it is:

There is a nice app available on Google Play (Play Store) just for about $4.04. Yes am talking about Tasker for all those who know about it, it is a very useful app to automate your phone to do various things. I won't go in much details since this post is not to review the app ;)

Here is what you are going to do:

Dowload Tasker to your android phone (Of course that's the first thing to do)

As far as Tasker creations go, this one is extremely simple. You only need a single profile, and it looks like this:

Context 1: State->Phone->Call, type: Incoming
Context 2: State->Sensor->Proximity Sensor
Context 3: State->Sensor->Orientation, is Face Up


Action 1: Phone->Take Call
(Action 2: Task->Wait)
Action 3: Audio->Speakerphone, set: On
Action 2 is optional and can be added and configured if having the Speakerphone action right after Take Call ends up not working.
You also have to go into the profile settings and disable “restore settings”, or it will turn off the speaker phone immediately after turning it on.

OOPS! Too complicated? Don't Worry I you can simply get the profile here and import it to Tasker. Now just wait for a call and amaze your friends ;)

Cheers! And keep checking for the next post ;)

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Crack IDM Manually (Specially for window 7 users)

Mostly time after updating your IDM, it shows error "you have registered IDM using fake serial key". If you are windows 7 user, then this post is for you, because for XP/Vista users , users can easily access full version IDM by downloading it from here without any keygen & error,

Follow these steps:

Download the IDM, then click on Registration.
A dialog box will appear asking for Name, Last Name, Email Address and Serial Key.
Now Enter you name, last name, email address and in field of Serial Key enter any of the following Keys:

After clicking, it will show error message that you have registered IDM using fake serial key and IDM will exit.
Now Go to the path C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Open hosts file with notepad.
Now copy the below lines of code and paste it to below localhost

Save it.
Now check IDM, it should be converted to full version.
Note: This Tutorial is for all windows but In Windows 7 sometimes it denied access to write anything on hosts file, so first you must be logged in as Administrator and then change the file permissions of hosts file.

Enjoy it.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Facebook soon going to charge for messaging

Looks like the Facebook tagline ‘It’s free and Always will be’ has gotten slightly misleading with the social networking giant launching paid features for users. After recently introducing the ‘promote’ option for promoting status updates at a nominal price, Facebook will now charge 1$ per message sent to a person outside your friend list. Though the charges are set for priority messages, sending out a message to anyone outside your friend list may make you susceptible to the charges. The rate is not fixed yet and may vary depending on response.

While the official release hinted at this being an improved security measure to avoid receiving messages from unknown sources, critics are a bit sceptic and blame the sudden focus on charging users a direct result of the IPO failure.
Facebook Charging $100 to Message Mark Zuckerberg.
P.S. Everyone may not get this message. however, this could be the part of $1 pay-to-message plan that the social network has been experimenting with for months. Check this link for details 

"According to PC Mag,
 'Facebook is testing a feature that will let select userspay $1 to send messages to people with whom they have no connection on the social network. The $1 fee will open a thread with a non-Facebook friend. If that person replies to your note, you won't have to pay again to respond to them.' Facebook explained the test thus: 'Several commentators and researchers have noted that imposing a financial cost on the sender may be the most effective way to discourage unwanted messages and facilitate delivery of messages that are relevant and useful. This test is designed to address situations where neither social nor algorithmic signals are sufficient. For example, if you want to send a message to someone you heard speak at an event but are not friends with, or if you want to message someone about a job opportunity, you can use this feature to reach their Inbox. For the receiver, this test allows them to hear from people who have an important message to send them.'Check out my next post on how to avoid this ;)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

How to use whatsapp on PC or Laptop

Hello guys these days wahtsapp has become a very popular cross-platform messaging service and currently available across iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and windows mobile. Almost everyone uses it but how about if you could use it on your laptop? 
Since WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends. In addition to basic messaging  WhatsApp Messenger users can send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages.
But in case you don’t have a data plan on your mobile or want to chat with long texts, then you would definitely wish that you could use it on your laptop or PC. While there is no official WhatsApp application available for Windows PCs , you can still use it by applying a workaround. Lets have a look at how to do that and get chatting with your friends in minutes right from your Windows PC or laptop.

How to Whatsapp on PC

  1. We would be using an a free Android emulator called BlueStacks on your PC to download and use Whatsapp services. Download BlueStacks to your PC,and install it like a regular Windows application, by double clicking the exe file. Let the installer take its time to download runtime packages and install fully.
  2. Once BlueStacks has been completely installed, it will automatically launch and you should see the home screen, like in the screenshot below. BlueStacks runs like any other Windows app, and you can Alt-Tab between your other open windows and BlueStacks with ease
    BlueStacks Home
  3. Now go ahead and search for Whatsapp by clicking on the blue colored Search button on the Top right. Once you see it in the search results, just click the Install button next to it to start download and installation in BlueStacks.
    BlueStacks Search Results
  4. Once BlueStacks has downloaded and installed Whatsapp, you should get a notification in your Windows system tray that Whatsapp has been installed. You’re running an Android emulator inside Windows, remember?
  5. Now click the Home button in the BlueStacks window, to go the home screen. You should now see the Whatsapp icon there, just like you would on your Android device home screen. Double click the icon to launch Whatsapp and you should be greeted with the familiar welcome screen.
    Whatsapp Welcome Screen
  6. Click the Agree and continue button to proceed. On the next screen, select your country from the dropdown list. The country code will get automatically populated by Whatsapp. In the Phone Number field, enter an active phone number that you have access to. If you want to use the same number as the one you are using on your phone, you would need to uninstall Whatsapp from your phone before proceeding. Reason being that Whatsapp only allows one account per phone number.
    Whatsapp Phone Number Screen
  7. If you are using a phone number which has already been registered with Whatapp in the past, it will automatically pick up your avatar image and default Whatsapp name. Add your name and click Next on the Top right of the screen
    Whatsapp Profile info
  8. That’s it. You now have Whatsapp installed successfully on your Windows machine. But we are far from done yet. To be able to chat with all your friends over Whatsapp on your PC, you still need to add all your phone contacts to BlueStacks. Even if you have your Android contacts synced with Outlook on Windows, BlueStacks cannot read them. So we’re going to have to employ a slightly more circuitous route to get your contacts into BlueStacks. To do so, go back to your Android device and install a free app called MC Backup from the Play Store. Launch it on your phone, and tap the Green Backup Button on the main screen. The app will immediately start backing up all your phone contacts. Once it is done, just tap the Send button and enter your own email address in the email window that opens. You can then open your email on your PC and download the vcf file with all your phone contacts that the app would have sent to you.
    My Contacts Backup app
  9. That’s half the job done, with your Android contacts having been sent to your PC over email. Download the MCBackup.vcf file that you would have received in your mail, and save it to your desktop.
  10. Next, on your desktop browser, go to the Dropbox website, go ahead and create a free Dropbox account, if you don’t already have one. If you do, just sign into the web interface of Dropbox, and upload the MCBackup.vcf file that you saved to your Windows desktop in Step 9.
  11. Now go back to BlueStacks and click on the Search button. Search for Dropbox, and install it in  the same way you did Whatsapp.
  12. Once installed, launch Dropbox from the BlueStacks home screen, and click Start on the welcome screen of Dropbox
    Dropbox Welcome Screen
  13. Enter your Dropbox login credentials and sign in to Dropbox. Click Next on the screen that follows, andSkip on the next screen. You should now see your main Dropbox account dashboard, along with theMCBackup.vcf  file that you just uploaded to the web version of Dropbox. Just click on it once to download it to BlueStacks.
    Dropbox dashboard
  14. Once BlueStacks finishes downloading the contacts file, it will present you with an option box. Just click on Contacts and then click on the email address under which you want to save those contacts.
    Save Contacts
  15. BlueStacks will now start importing all your contacts from the vcf file.
    Import Contacts File for Whatsapp
  16. That’s it. Now click the Home button in BlueStacks to go to the homescreen, and launch Whatsapp. Click on the Pencil icon on the top right, and you should see all of your Whatsapp contacts listed. Click on any one and start chatting, just the way you would on your phone.
    Whatsapp Contacts
You have now installed Whatsapp successfully on your Windows PC, and can comfortably handle long chats through your PC or laptop keyboard. Keep in mind though, that this workaround will not let you transfer images or videos like you can on your phone or tablet. But that’s a minor inconvenience compared to being able to successfully use Whatsapp Chat on your PC.
Go ahead and try this out step by step, and you should be up and running with Whatsapp on your PC in about 30 minutes. Share this guide with your friends too, and if you or your buddies have any comments, we’d love to hear them in comments below.
NOTE: There's an older method of doing this using a software called YouWave.. But its paid 

Friday, 28 December 2012

Resetting The BIOS password

Ok Guys so many people were asking me about resetting the BIOS password. Well basically there are 5 methods am going to talk about today.

1. Using a software  ( some require ADMIN access , and If what if its Linux?  :D  )
2. Using master passwords ( different for different BIOS manufacturers )
3. Using DEBUG console  ( Doesn't work in Win 7 and above since Microsoft removed debug.exe )
4. Using cmos battery  ( regardless of any OS )
5. Using cmos jumper  (  Regardless of any OS )
I ll explain about all of them
1. There are many softwares available on internet ( For example: cmos remover ) which have database for many BIOS manufacturers , BUT they do require Admin access ,  So YOU fail here !

2.  Every BIOS manufacturing company uses Master passwords , In case you forgot yours, this can help them in accessing BIOS again even if  you forgot your password for BIOS
( What I doubt is that since everybody knows about it , So now companies have eliminated this , Still you can try out )

3. If you have  a version of windows lesser than windows 7 i.e. anything except windows 8 or 7  , then there is a command that clears cmos memory GUARANTEED , but only drawback is  BILL GATES unfortunately removed  debug.exe from windows 7. 

4.  Regardless of a Computer or Laptop , All of them have a small battery , Called cmos batteryt .... In laptop's It is usually soldered .   What  you simply have to do is to remove the battery , Keep the computer or Laptop DEAD for 10 minutes , then without battery switch on the device ...
Now again shutdown , Keep it in DEAD state for another 10 minutes . Now put the battery back its Place and switch the Device on ...................... you resetted the BIOS password  !!!

5.  Devices also have a cmos jumper , It is found on ur motherboard as battery is found , Just change its orientation .. Switch the device on , Then shut it off .  Then change the orientation back to what it was and reboot the device ................. U resetted the BIOS password  !!! 
P.S. This part only works on computers not on laptops.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

how make your computer talk like Jarvis

P.S You must have Windows Speech Recognition Macros installed. Follow this LINK to download it.
You Must have Watched The Movie "IRON MAN","The Avengers" and Tony Stark's Talking Computer "jarvis". Despite being busy, i saw the movie "iron man" few months ago and since then I was planning of making something similar to"Jarvis"

The project development on "human computer interface" and "Gestural interface" has already been started on my side, which are capable of having features like voice recognition,gestural interfaces. Some of those projects have been partially developed and working in desired manner, but few features and modules are yet to be implemented and are on their way of completion in very short span of time.

So lets come to the body of this article.The reason of writing this post for my readers is to share what I've achieved till now in this journey of Artificial Intelligence. Here is one GIFT for my readers in the form of a PROJECT with the topic "how make your computer talk like Jarvis".
Jarvis is totally based on Artificial intelligence aka Artificial Brain. Eventually, we can't make such a huge artificial brain by using the following steps because of the simplicity and efficiency of this project. But I can assure you that after this you make your computer talk, and this will be your first interesting step in the world of Artificial intelligence. And later, you can go in more deeper as soon as you can get to know its depth.So Lets start with your first step in this world with this example :

Example 1 :
Give a Name to your Computer  Like "Jarvis" and when you'll say "Jarvis" it will reply "Hello sir" or "Hello Mr. (Your Name)".

Example 2 :
YOU:  Good Morning Jarvis !
COMPUTER : Good Morning Mr. Stark ! how are you Today !

So, Little wondering how these things going to work out ? Here you can transform your wondering into reality. Follow these codes :

Example 1 : 
<speak>Hello Mr. STark</speak>

Example 2 :
<listenFor>Good Morning Jarvis</listenFor>
<speak>Good Morning Sir. how are you today</speak>

Further, more you can use these lines of codes for Shutting down Computer :
<listenFor>Nuke it</listenFor>
<speak>Restarting Windows</speak>
<run command="C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe"/>

To make it more intresting and realastic you need a bit knwoledge of VB.NET
here is one example

<listenFor>Give me the Time</listenFor>
<listenFor>What is the time</listenFor>
<listenFor>Tell me the time</listenFor>
<listenFor>What time is it</listenFor>
<script language="vbscript">
dim currentTime
currentTime = FormatDateTime(Time(), 1)
Application.Speak Time
Application.SetTextFeedback Time

now i have ms exel work then..

<command priority="100">
  <listenFor>insert row above</listenFor>
<command priority="100">
  <listenFor>insert row below</listenFor>
<command priority="100">
  <listenFor>insert column before</listenFor>
<command priority="100">
  <listenFor>insert column after</listenFor>
<command priority="100">
  <listenFor>merge cells</listenFor>
<command priority="100">
  <listenFor>split table</listenFor>
<command priority="100">
  <listenFor>delte row</listenFor>
  <listenFor>delte rows</listenFor>
<command priority="100">
  <listenFor>delete column</listenFor>
  <listenFor>delete columns</listenFor>
<command priority="100">
  <listenFor>?show table properties</listenFor>
<command priority="100">
  <listenFor>?show ?hide table gridlines</listenFor>

Track chnages in Music
<command priority="100">
  <listenFor>next change</listenFor>
<command priority="100">
  <listenFor>accept change</listenFor>

To click
<command priority="100">
 <listenFor>?mouse click</listenFor>   <mouse button="left" command="click" />
if you need codes of any command leave comment below, and i will try to give you source codes.

How to Get Started  ??
Things you need -
A microphone or internal Microphone
windows 7 and windows speech macros, download it from here
install it then make Macros to start work 
Now open notepad and paste code in notepad 
for example 
<speak>Hello Mr. STark</speak>
paste it and save as filename.WSRMac
.WSRMac extention is must for it,
then Goto your WSRMac file and click on
Now click on "import signing Cerificate" and automaticly it will save a digital signature for it.

cats2.jpg (320×194)
Now open Speech recognition
Now Give Your Instructions

Enjoy Talking to your Computer ! :D
Pleae leave a feedback in comments :)

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